Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book of Thoth

'"Here it is," he said, and took down and opened the book on the table. "This passage may interest you." He laid his finger upon it.

His son bent over the book and read the following:—

"Hai, the evil man, was a shepherd. He had said: 'O, that I might have a book of spells that would give me resistless power!' He obtained a book of the Formulas.... By the divine powers of these he enchanted men. He obtained a deep vault furnished with implements. He made waxen images of men, and love-charms.[22] And then he perpetrated all the horrors that his heart conceived."

"Flinders Petrie," said Dr. Cairn, "mentions the Book of Thoth as another magical work conferring similar powers."

"But surely, sir—after all, it's the twentieth century—this is mere superstition!"

"I thought so—once!" replied Dr. Cairn. "But I have lived to know that Egyptian magic was a real and a potent force. A great part of it was no more than a kind of hypnotism, but there were other branches. Our most learned modern works are as children's nursery rhymes beside such a writing as the Egyptian Ritual of the Dead! God forgive me! What have I done!"'

Chapter III: The Ring Of Thoth, Brood Of The Witch-Queen, Sax Rohmer

Friday, December 8, 2017

IHC 1/87 Scale Windows

Here is another set of HO scale windows. These like my collection of windows this sprue is molded from polystyrene. This set is from International Hobbies Corporation, are manufactured in Denmark, and are IHC’s #4406, “22 HO Windows, railings, and miscellaneous ornamental parts”. I don’t believe that these castings are still being offered and have most likely gone out of print.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Devil in the Fire

“'I'd like to see what you look like,' muttered Conan, working his ax free, 'you who leave a track like a bird, who burn like a flame and yet speak with a human voice.'

'You shall see,' answered the voice from the flame, 'see, and carry the knowledge with you into the Dark Land.'

The flames leaped and sank, dwindling and dimming. A face began to take shadowy form. At first Conan thought it was Zogar Sag 1 himself who stood wrapped in green fire. But the face was higher than his own and there was a demoniac aspect about it—Conan had noted various abnormalities about Zogar Sag's features—an obliqueness of the eyes, a sharpness of the ears, a wolfish thinness of the lips; these peculiarities were exaggerated in the apparition which swayed before him. The eyes were red as coals of living fire.

More details came into view: a slender torso, covered with snaky scales, which was yet man-like in shape, with man-like arms, from the waist upward; below, long crane-like legs ended in splay, three-toed feet like those of some huge bird. Along the monstrous limbs the blue fire fluttered and ran. He saw it as through a glistening mist.”

Chapter 7 The Devil in the Fire, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard

1 "'Did you ever hear of a Pictish wizard called Zogar Sag?'

Balthus shook his head uneasily.

'He dwells in Gwawela, the nearest village across the river. Three months ago he hid beside this road and stole a string of pack-mules from a pack-train bound for the fort—drugged their drivers, somehow. The mules belonged to this man'—Conan casually indicated the corpse with his foot—'Tiberias, a merchant of Velitrium. They were loaded with ale-kegs, and old Zogar stopped to guzzle before he got across the river. A woodsman named Soractus trailed him, and led Valannus and three soldiers to where he lay dead drunk in a thicket. At the importunities of Tiberias, Valannus threw Zogar Sag into a cell, which is the worst insult you can give a Pict. "

Chapter 1 Conan Loses His Ax, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

1/87 Brass Window Etchings

I have found some more brass etchings. The forty odd windows are from Ratio. Ratio is a purveyor of plastic models in various scales. Ratio produce model railroading structures and equipment along a British prototype. It is good to have several of the same style which this collection provides.

Monday, December 4, 2017

1/87 Scale Windows & Doors

I don’t suppose you can have too many windows; ounce you start building there go three here and a few there. With the new year quickly approaching I have plans to get back into scratch building and kit-bashing. Looking through my windows and doors collection I am looking to see what I have on-hand. It looks like I have a few windows and doors to get me started. These polystyrene apertures are left-over kit parts and from various manufactures.

Friday, December 1, 2017

A Bull Ape the God of Gullah

"'But what was that—that thing you killed in the altar-hut?' asked Balthus, with a shiver at the memory of the dim-seen horror.

'One of Zogar's gods. One of Jhebbal's children that didn't remember and had to be kept chained to the altar. A bull ape. The Picts think they're sacred to the Hairy One who lives on the moon—the gorilla-god of Gullah."

Chapter 5 The Children of Jhebbal Sag, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard

The Beasts of Zogar Sag

Conan did not reply for a space, and when he did it was with a curious reticence.

'He can't command all the animals. Only such as remember Jhebbal Sag.'

'Jhebbal Sag?' Balthus repeated the ancient name hesitantly. He had never heard it spoken more than three or four times in his whole life.

'Once all living things worshipped him. That was long ago, when beasts and men spoke one language. Men have forgotten him; even the beasts forget. Only a few remember. The men who remember Jhebbal Sag and the beasts who remember are brothers and speak the same tongue.

Chapter 4: The Beasts of Zogar Sag, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Books on Magic by Peter Watershippe

The Faire Withering, published in 1444, is a remarkable book that features a detailed account on how English magic declined after John Uskglass left England. Although the text contains many precise accounts of spells, many reviewers consider this text to be an angry book, but not so as Watershippe’s two other books:

A Defense of my Deeds while Wrongfully Imprisoned by my Enemies in Newark, 1459-60
Crimes of the Faire King, 1461?"

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke

Interesting Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell entry on Board Game Geek

I cannot say I know what to make of the "The History and Practice of English Magic" page other than it is some sort of game based off Susanna Clarke's novel; an interesting find, at any rate...seems to be a complete list of all the texts mentioned within the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell novel.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Ghost Snake

Another horrid creature called out of the forest by Zogar Sag to do his bidding. Like the saber-tooth tiger, the ghost snake new Jhebbal Sag and the the ancient language, the language that all creatures spoke in ancient times.

“Again Balthus recognized the monster from ancient legends. He saw and knew the ancient and evil serpent which swayed there, its wedge-shaped head, huge as that of a horse, as high as a tall man's head, and its palely gleaming barrel rippling out behind it. A forked tongue darted in and out, and the firelight glittered on bared fangs.

Balthus became incapable of emotion. The horror of his fate paralyzed him. That was the reptile that the ancients called Ghost Snake, the pale, abominable terror that of old glided into huts by night to devour whole families. Like the python it crushed its victim, but unlike other constrictors its fangs bore venom that carried madness and death. It too had long been considered extinct. But Valannus had spoken truly. No white man knew what shapes haunted the great forests beyond Black River.

It came on silently rippling over the ground, its hideous head on the same level, its neck curving back slightly for the stroke. Balthus gazed with glazed, hypnotized stare into that loathsome gullet down which he would soon be engulfed, and he was aware of no sensation except a vague nausea."

Chapter 4: The Beasts of Zogar Sag, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dollar Zombies

This is kind of a late blog entry. I had wanted to make this post last month; a more fitting time period, with Halloween and all. At any rate, here are some of the lovelies; the only few that were photogenic. It was very hard to keep them contained and they were always wandering off.

The package includes fourteen plastic miniatures that stand approximately two inches tall. My package included thirteen unique miniatures including two tombstones and two different dogs. The miniatures feature some nice detail.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Deities and Demi-gods of the Hyborian Age, in Robert E. Howard's tales

I found a list of the "Deities and Demi-gods of the Hyborian Age" in the tales Robert E. Howard. Robert E. Howard is the creator of the character Conan, which I have featured in my a few of my posts. Conan is a worth-while character and shouldn't be over-looked when picking characters for your pule era games.

Although this list is not as extensiveness as one you might find for H. P. Lovecraft, but the list still impressive, like someone would actually take the time and effort to compile one in the first place.

The Saber-Tooth Tiger

"The village held its breath. Zogar Sag stood still as a statue, his plumes trembling faintly about him. But suddenly the gate was no longer empty.

A shuddering gasp swept over the village and men crowded hastily back, jamming one another between the huts. Balthus felt the short hair stir on his scalp. The creature that stood in the gate was like the embodiment of nightmare legend. Its color was of a curious pale quality which made it seem ghostly and unreal in the dim light. But there was nothing unreal about the low-hung savage head, and the great curved fangs that glistened in the firelight. On noiseless padded feet it approached like a phantom out of the past. It was a survival of an older, grimmer age, the ogre of many an ancient legend—a saber-tooth tiger. No Hyborian hunter had looked upon one of those primordial brutes for centuries. Immemorial myths lent the creatures a supernatural quality, induced by their ghostly color and their fiendish ferocity."

Chapter 4 The Beasts of Zogar Sag, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Swamp Demon

"Balthus felt his scalp prickle. Neither man nor any beast that he had ever seen could have left that strange, monstrous three-toed print, that was curiously combined of the bird and the reptile, yet a true type of neither. He spread his fingers above the print, careful not to touch it, and grunted explosively. He could not span the mark.

'What is it?' he whispered. 'I never saw a beast that left a spoor like that.'

'Nor any other sane man,' answered Conan grimly. 'It's a swamp demon—they're thick as bats in the swamps beyond Black River. You can hear them howling like damned souls when the wind blows strong from the south on hot nights.'"

Chapter 1 Conan Loses His Ax, Beyond the Black River, Robert E. Howard